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HELP! What major (s) should I consider?

What Major should I go into? 

I really want to study a Science when I enter college this Fall. 
However, Science and Math courses are not my strongest suit. I could only attain B’s in those classes ( I chose advanced math and science classes) 
Can I still pursue scientific fields such as Computer Science as an example? I shine in other subjects such as languages but I don’t want to major in a language. Instead, id like to combine my skill in that with a science major. 

I’ve been reading about different fields of study and industrial engineering sounds pretty interesting to me. 
I read how it’s about more of the business side of engineering. An industrial engineer would be in charge of the logistics and maximizing profit as an example… 

I know I’m weak in Physics but I’m very interested in math, and even more interested in communicating with people. 

According to these preferences, what is your opinion? Do you have any ideas on other fields that could be comfortable for me? 

Thank you for your time!!!

5 Traits I look for in a Mate

1. A certain level of intellect

2. Curiosity about the world

3. Tall, preferably 5’10”

4. Well-mannered

5. Kind, Caring and Understanding

What are your 5 traits in looking for a mate? I’m very curious! Please leave your list as a comment!

Swedish Royal Wedding: Princess Madeleine and ordinary American banker

June 8th was a both a special and a spectacular day for the Swedish Royal Family.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden, 30, and NYC banker Christopher O’Neill, 38, held a wedding ceremony in Stockholm Saturday that drew about 500 European royals and wealthy jet-setters. It was prepared exquisitely for a princess with a kiss on the balcony, a carriage of course, and many little activities to commemorate this marriage.
Oh, and her Dad, King Carl XVI Gustaf, is said to be paying for the expenses.


Which princess is she? She’s the fourth in line. She hasn’t had the best reputation among her people since in her early 20s, she would be found partying in the nightclubs and always presented herself in extravagant clothes. Her sister Victoria, has a better reputation with the crowd since she married a commoner. Victoria is first in line for the throne who married her fitness trainer about three years ago, and now they have a pretty daughter by the name of Estelle. SHE’S ADORABLE!!


However, Princess Madeleine heartbroken after her previous fiancé had an affair with a Norwegian handball player, she fled to a new life in New York, started working at her mother’s non-profit World Childhood Foundation, and found Mr. Rich O’Neill. Isn’t this a fairy tale?

5 The Wedding Of Princess Madeleine & Christopher O'Neill - Evening Banquet 2

Christopher and Princess will make their home in New York: He passed up the offer for a royal title, which would have required he become a Swedish citizen since he’s already both American and British.

Guests at the wedding included the U.K.’s Earl and Countess of Wessex, Prince Edward and Sophie; Princess Takamado of Japan and princes and princesses from Norway, Denmark, Greece, Luxembourg and Monaco.


O’Neill had also invited many of his super-rich friends, such as Opel heir Georg von Opel, Cadbury chocolate heir Joel Cadbury, Colombian billionaire Alejandro Santo Domingo, and Aidan and Fizzy Barclay. Other well-known invitees were Duran Duran band member John Taylor, the CEO of fashion retailer H&M, Karl-Johan Persson, and golfer Jesper Parnevik.

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Updated** Response to Background Photo

What’s the story behind that photo?

Stockholm’s Danderyd Gymnasium organized a Gatsby party where all the invitees dressed up as if they were guests at Gatsby’s…hence, the style of clothes and the joyful expressions.

Here’s more from the fiesta! Enjoyyy!

I like this picture(background pic) a lot because everyone seems so carefree and after all! The Great Gatsby was recently released in the theatres!

And it represents the ‘young’ culture…relative to my age (:

Thank you to all the commenters on the previous post: ” new background photo”

Photo creds: Klara B.


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Hello WordPress!

I haven’t been keeping up with this blog for awhile now…I will begin again over the Summer.

For now, if you’d like to follow me on Instagram on a more regular basis, I suggest visiting my page

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And of course! I’d love to be in contact with my fellow WordPress writers and readers (:


Thank you!


Energy, Consumerism, and Planned Communities



Originally posted on May 2013 Study Tour of Energy in Denmark:

As in most cities worldwide, Copenhagen has limited space and a growing population. Copenhagen is expected to grow by 100,000 inhabitants by 2025, increasing the population from 537,000 to 637,000. The City of Copenhagen expects that the families and young people moving to the city will require an estimated 45,000 new homes.

ImageAs part of our Energy Study Tour, we spent an afternoon in Ørestad, a development project expected to house 20,000 people, and employ 80,000 people. City developers are excited about the development’s location and infrastructure, which includes easy access to the metro, airport, and railway, as well as roads and bicycle paths. The Ørestad Development Corporation was founded in 1993 to manage the area’s growth, and is owned by municipality of Copenhagen and the Ministry of Finance. As the result of an international architectural competition in 1994, Ørestad was divided into four districts and the first office…

View original 883 more words

New Background Photo

Salut WordPress!!

I guess..I got tired of the background image that had been on my blog for abut 5 months now..

I will tell you about my new background photo as my next post/article and that depends on my free time.

But for now, I’d like to know your opinions on it.

What are your thoughts of the picture?

Peace and Love,


**Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence- 3 Movies Together!

Hello WordPress!

It all started with this :


Then, I decided to search “Jennifer Lawrence” through the Google search engine.

Focused on this, and thinking to myself- What are the upcoming movies and projects?


hmm..2013- American Hustle. Alright, something to look forward to. Interesting plot.  Actors…


Wait. BRADLEY COOPER? (Silver Lining Playbook Costar…again?)

I say to myself, they must be really compatible with each other due to all the high demands of Hollywood.

hmm..what else? Serena? Why haven’t I heard of that?


Oh…it WILL come out.

Susanne Bier is the director, love her. Her movies are so real, touching and down-to-earth.

Talks about a couple….Jennifer and.. BRADLEY??


Wow! I am amazed at how many films they are doing together!!

All I know is that when Titanic was made, there was a huge rave about the couple -Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet..and their second movie together was about 10 years later. o.O


Whereas, in just 2-3 years, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence will/have co-acted together.

Just Some knowledge

Fascinating , huh? Who’s excited about what they have more to offer on-screen!?


California Living: Healdsberg

Hello WordPress!!

This weekend was Mother’s Day! My family and I decided to spend it at a little city located in Sonoma County called Healdsburg. The area is known for producing wine (:

We were blessed with a beautiful day too! Mother enjoyed her gift with the family!

Healdsburg is a sweet town with lots of cute/chic boutiques and wonderful restaurants! At the end of the day, we bought a couple plates, and two pieces of jewelry, oh. and we had such a delicious lunch!

We hope to visit it once more during the Summer

Here are a few pictures of the mini-outing!




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