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La France: Truth or Myth?

Hey WordPress Readers!

I’m hoping that this post will hopefully enlighten those who are inspired to visit re-visit France for a longer period.

1. French toilets are erroneous

…TRUTH! Public restrooms are usually unsanitary, however, there are quite a few which are decent.

If you are in Paris and are in need of a toilet badly, try to find the nearest shopping mall or hotel that will accept you to use their service. Nowadays Paris has become pretty money-minded due to all the tourism; it charges for public toilets. I swear, there is such a thing as ‘French tourism toilet income’, and it’s no guarantee that the priced ones are ‘clean’.


2. The French are absolutely rude

MYTH! This has got to be the biggest/most common stereotype about the French (at least from my conversations with Americans). They are not rude. Sure, they may come off slightly reserved at first, but it’s just a matter of you making the first ‘leap of faith’.

It will most certainly take courage but it will be worth the 10 seconds you’ll spend introducing yourself and starting the journey of a new friendship.

In my opinion, the French are not like a majority of Californians who will suddenly jump at you trying to get to know you, and then that will be the first and last time you’ll ever see them.

The French are strong in the area of Friendship Bonding. It takes time and patience, but definitely rewarding.

3. Be fluent in French before visiting the country

MYTH! You don’t need to have spent 5 years of your life learning only let yourself travel there. Wouldn’t that be too strict with yourself? I suggest people who go there to buy a petit livre of conversational French on your trip.

In order to avoid making a bad impression to the French, begin the conversation with a few French words. Don’t worry about your mistakes. Show that you are putting an effort in speaking the foreign language instead of ‘Hello. I come from *name of country*’

See my point?

4. They hate Americans

MYTH! haha, you may breathe now!

French don’t hate Americans, however, they do have a ‘low view’ on them general..and I agree with the French.

I’ll be talking about my personal point of view on this one, so don’t get angry if you think differently. As an example, my classmate has asked me : “Which countries is Chinese or whatever Chinese language is, is spoken?” I just stared at him.

Also, there were quite a few of my friends who had no idea, whatsoever, of whom Andrea Bocelli is.

I don’t listen to Opera music…but at least I know who he is; It’s like someone who does not have a clue of whom Mozart is because he doesn’t play the piano.

For many Californians (I think), their nation is a superpower and that is all that counts. IGNORANCE.

5. La Gastronomie Francaise!

TRUTH! French food is definitely varied.

it is superrr delicious that I can’t even explain using words. French cuisine is extremely authentic and exotic- it varies from chicken to intestines. (Not only do the Latin Americans and Chinese eat those stuff…)

One of my favorite dishes is called ‘Steak Tartare’. In short words for this exquisite dish- it is just raw meat. Unfortunately, I’ve never  prepared it in the States due to the use of unknown amounts of hormones in the meat…

6. The culture is sophisticated and perfect!

TRUTH! but..with an exception.

I know this is sooo general but they are really chic from the areas of fashion to culinary arts. If you’ve heard of so many praises of France throughout your life, it’s not false, and neither is it an exaggeration! It is true!

People who visit France for the first time are completely blown away by the French aspects of the rich culture.

There is an exception to this statement though… In my opinion, there are not many talented French singers; French music is pretty weak. In vocals, they are in need of improvement.


7. They Stink

MYTH! What is with this stereotype??

The French are not stinky and therefore don’t smell bad. I’ve met and kissed lots of them but I’ve never had an instance where I thought to myself : “When was the last time he took a shower?”

Also, French perfumes are extraordinary! Most people use those expensive, good-smelling products. THEY SMELL FRESH.

8. Women don’t shave

TRU-MYTH! I’m not too sure about this one…

I can’t say that all women don’t shave..but I did meet this French madame who showed her underarms…and it was bushy (period)

9. Nude French Beaches!

TRUTH! Yesss! There are nude beaches!

Don’t be mislead though- Not all French beaches allow nudity; Only a few beaches do…so tourists, don’t be disappointed if you happen to make a spontaneous drop by a French beach during your vacation and not find a topless woman…:)



So many smoke….a lot! It’s a habit of the French people. They know it’s bad, but they’ve become addicted.

Many begin smoking at 16…It’s part of the culture…

When visiting Paris, you’ll be exposed to all the Tobacco smoke, so be ready :)

I believe that when the French smoke, it’s more a fashion statement than a liking for it.

He’s Jean Baptiste Maunier :) 



Recipe: An Original Sicilian King Prawn Appetizer


I apologize for the no-picture of the dish..but I will post it when I do have the photo, I promise:)

*I know it probably doesn’t sound as appetizing as it should be*

Real Food for Real people. This is a wonderful starter dish for contemporary eating. It is perfect for birthdays, new years, house-warming parties, and the many special occasions. It is great to impress your guests with your own innovation (wait, it’s mine haha but you have my permission of course;) You have to love a recipe where you get your vegetables and your extraordinary seafood all in one fabulous, delicious, and color-vibrant package.

Cost : About $40 US for 8 Individuals

Serving size for an individual: 5 King Prawns

Prep Time: *preferably* 4hrs 20 mins for Marination

Cook Time: Approximately 20 Mins

Total Time: About 4hours


1. 4 Teaspoons of 100% Pure Grape Seed Oil

2. Fresh baby Bell Peppers

3. Roughly chopped Fresh Basil Leaves

4. 10/15 Fresh King Prawns

5. Red pepper (Cayenne)

6: Half of a Meyer Lemon (Just the juice)

7. Sea Salt

8. Black Pepper

9. 3 Chopped Garlic cloves


1. Rinse throughly the King Prawns

2. Dry each King Prawn completely with paper towel by gently squeezing the water out

3. Place prawns in a solid container and season with sea salt and ground pepper

4. Add Chopped garlic

5. Add Meyer lemon juice

6. Add 1 tablespoon of Cayenne (Red Pepper)

7. Add the chopped fresh Basil leaves

8. Pour the correct amount of 100% Pure Grape Seed Oil

9. Mix all ingredients together and let it rest in fridge for 4 hours

10. half an hour before serving, barbeque the pepper bells until they become soft and just cooked with little dark burns on the skin.

Make sure the sweetness is still there

11. Arrange the pepper bell around the border of the serving plate, leaving the center open.

12. Delicately Teppanyaki the King Prawns. Once one side of the prawn is cooked, turn it over so that the uncooked side is being cooked on the iron plate.

13. Place the cooked prawns in the center of serving plate for aesthetic purposes.

14. Serve it warm

At the end, it’s not too difficult, but the results are absolutely marvelous! 

Voila, bon appétit!!



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