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HELP! What major (s) should I consider?

What Major should I go into? 

I really want to study a Science when I enter college this Fall. 
However, Science and Math courses are not my strongest suit. I could only attain B’s in those classes ( I chose advanced math and science classes) 
Can I still pursue scientific fields such as Computer Science as an example? I shine in other subjects such as languages but I don’t want to major in a language. Instead, id like to combine my skill in that with a science major. 

I’ve been reading about different fields of study and industrial engineering sounds pretty interesting to me. 
I read how it’s about more of the business side of engineering. An industrial engineer would be in charge of the logistics and maximizing profit as an example… 

I know I’m weak in Physics but I’m very interested in math, and even more interested in communicating with people. 

According to these preferences, what is your opinion? Do you have any ideas on other fields that could be comfortable for me? 

Thank you for your time!!!

Energy, Consumerism, and Planned Communities



Originally posted on May 2013 Study Tour of Energy in Denmark:

As in most cities worldwide, Copenhagen has limited space and a growing population. Copenhagen is expected to grow by 100,000 inhabitants by 2025, increasing the population from 537,000 to 637,000. The City of Copenhagen expects that the families and young people moving to the city will require an estimated 45,000 new homes.

ImageAs part of our Energy Study Tour, we spent an afternoon in Ørestad, a development project expected to house 20,000 people, and employ 80,000 people. City developers are excited about the development’s location and infrastructure, which includes easy access to the metro, airport, and railway, as well as roads and bicycle paths. The Ørestad Development Corporation was founded in 1993 to manage the area’s growth, and is owned by municipality of Copenhagen and the Ministry of Finance. As the result of an international architectural competition in 1994, Ørestad was divided into four districts and the first office…

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