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California Living: Healdsberg


Hello WordPress!!

This weekend was Mother’s Day! My family and I decided to spend it at a little city located in Sonoma County called Healdsburg. The area is known for producing wine (:

We were blessed with a beautiful day too! Mother enjoyed her gift with the family!

Healdsburg is a sweet town with lots of cute/chic boutiques and wonderful restaurants! At the end of the day, we bought a couple plates, and two pieces of jewelry, oh. and we had such a delicious lunch!

We hope to visit it once more during the Summer

Here are a few pictures of the mini-outing!




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Hello WordPress!

I haven’t been keeping up with this blog for awhile now…I will begin again over the Summer.

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There’s nothing wrong with being nostalgic


Hello WordPress Readers!

I know for a fact that the French people are nostalgic.

They enjoy the past memories very much and look forward to spend time on what has already happened. Living in the States for 6 years now, I’ve noticed that the Americans are very optimistic! I absolutely love that, and truly admire that, but I think they are too optimistic about the future that they don’t look back and spend time on what they’ve done in the past.

Emotionally connecting with your younger self helps you maintain a sense of continuity and pace over your life.

Without the past, we wouldn’t be whom we are today. After all, the past shapes the future in a way since we learn from our mistakes.

The experiences you’ve had throughout your life help define who you are at any given moment.

Becoming nostalgic doesn’t have to mean going backward in your development. It’s not asking you to “live in the past”.

Spending too much time focused on the past can actually backfire.  However, dipping into the past to remind you of how you’ve coped with previous life stresses can help you strengthen your confidence in dealing with what you’re facing now. Playing those golden oldies can serve as a form of comfort food for your soul.

I can imagine in 3 decades from today, I’ll listen to a song from Bruno Mars and start smiling at my childhood.

It’s not stopping me from being optimistic, but being nostalgic is such a fulfilling emotion.

It does not cost much at all, but the reward is indescribable.

Overall, use your past experience to boost your identity.

9 Must Know Facts About La France


Hello again WordPress Readers!

I’ve decided that for this post, I’ll give you some insight about French culture. I’m a French citizen because I was born to French parents. Thanks to them, I’m fluent in French. However, I’m stuck in San Francisco… (It gets complicated haha.)


1. Soldes

If you’re wondering if the city of Fashion- Paris has fashion sales? WELL. IT’S A YES! But It only happens in June-July and ends in August (Once a year). So, definitely do plan your trip well:) And, when the French say “Sales”, they truly lower the prices to make it affordable. Name any brand, and they’ll most likely have a Sale for it. (Zara, NafNaf, Kookai, Mango, H&M…etc.)

2. Sunday is the day of Rest

Don’t expect shops in Paris to be opened on this day. Some markets (local produces) will open for a few hours in the morning, but that’s about it – and some family-owned businesses (such as bakeries/boulanges) will be closed on Mondays as well.


Don’t be shy- speak French! No matter how badly you think your French is, the French people will gladly appreciate your efforts either way! You will better enjoy your trip this way!Americans think French people are rude because when they come to France, they impose the English language on them, therefore, they put the French in uncomfortable positions. DON’T BE LIKE AMERICANS.

4. Sante!

Cheering in France is no simple happening. There are specific rules to follow to cheer as per the French rules: you have to look every single person you cheers with in the eye, say Santé!” or “Tchin Tchin!

5. La Bise (kiss) [Obama's enjoying it with the ex- First Lady of France] :D

Don’t feel like it’s disgusting or anything.. It’s part of the culture! and it’s the lovely part! Everybody has to stand up to greet you with a kiss on both cheeks.

6. Don’t ask for Ice in a French Restaurant..

Usually, water is not served with ice cubes when you’re there. If you do ask…the waiters will probably know that you’re a tourist!

7. Pharmacies are highly respected and valued

In America, it’s GO TO CVS and get the drugs.

But in France, Pharmacists have great pay jobs, and their drug stores are well arranged and it feels so professional!

Yes, there are pharmacies on every block in Paris.

8. Customers are not King.

French don’t have such great customer service. Be careful, and pay attention to this part of French culture.


Example : Service is included in all restaurant bills. You can exceptionally leave a euro or two on the table if you received outstanding customer service, but that’s highly unlikely…

Example 2: Fashion clothes are included for this one! If the ticket says 20 Euros, you’ll be paying exactly 20 Euros! No TAX. cause it’s already there! AMAZING! :)



Recipe: An Original Sicilian King Prawn Appetizer


I apologize for the no-picture of the dish..but I will post it when I do have the photo, I promise:)

*I know it probably doesn’t sound as appetizing as it should be*

Real Food for Real people. This is a wonderful starter dish for contemporary eating. It is perfect for birthdays, new years, house-warming parties, and the many special occasions. It is great to impress your guests with your own innovation (wait, it’s mine haha but you have my permission of course;) You have to love a recipe where you get your vegetables and your extraordinary seafood all in one fabulous, delicious, and color-vibrant package.

Cost : About $40 US for 8 Individuals

Serving size for an individual: 5 King Prawns

Prep Time: *preferably* 4hrs 20 mins for Marination

Cook Time: Approximately 20 Mins

Total Time: About 4hours


1. 4 Teaspoons of 100% Pure Grape Seed Oil

2. Fresh baby Bell Peppers

3. Roughly chopped Fresh Basil Leaves

4. 10/15 Fresh King Prawns

5. Red pepper (Cayenne)

6: Half of a Meyer Lemon (Just the juice)

7. Sea Salt

8. Black Pepper

9. 3 Chopped Garlic cloves


1. Rinse throughly the King Prawns

2. Dry each King Prawn completely with paper towel by gently squeezing the water out

3. Place prawns in a solid container and season with sea salt and ground pepper

4. Add Chopped garlic

5. Add Meyer lemon juice

6. Add 1 tablespoon of Cayenne (Red Pepper)

7. Add the chopped fresh Basil leaves

8. Pour the correct amount of 100% Pure Grape Seed Oil

9. Mix all ingredients together and let it rest in fridge for 4 hours

10. half an hour before serving, barbeque the pepper bells until they become soft and just cooked with little dark burns on the skin.

Make sure the sweetness is still there

11. Arrange the pepper bell around the border of the serving plate, leaving the center open.

12. Delicately Teppanyaki the King Prawns. Once one side of the prawn is cooked, turn it over so that the uncooked side is being cooked on the iron plate.

13. Place the cooked prawns in the center of serving plate for aesthetic purposes.

14. Serve it warm

At the end, it’s not too difficult, but the results are absolutely marvelous! 

Voila, bon appétit!!



What “Touslesjours” Will Be About


Hello WordPress readers!

Welcome to my new and first ever site for what I would be honored to share with you- my amateur photos!

Doesn’t every one have to start somewhere? Yes, this is the place where I would like to show my photos, and hopefully, through time, my skills will improve.

In a way, this will be a wonderful portfolio for my work. In a certain perspective, I shall add my own flavor and personality to how I would like to show you my artwork, that way, all of you will be able to understand me as well.

I will try to keep up with this commitment and not make it a one-time thing.

A la prochaine?



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